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A Creative and Engaging Workshop with our Sky Volunteers

A team of ten rainforest explorers from Cairneyhill Primary School in Fife has been given a major boost by five volunteer employees from Sky.

The Cairneyhill Cares team from teacher Mrs Anne Garrick’s year 6 class completed the Food We Eat Challenge. They earned an impressive 2,625 Challenge points and were crowned Team of the Week winners along the way.

In January, the team started work on a second challenge – the Energy We Use. They planned to build a set of working models of different sustainable energy generating systems, demonstrate them at a school assembly and then display them. It was an ambitious plan and their teacher wondered if she’d the time and resources to make it happen.

Mrs Garrick was quick to say yes when she found out that Sky employees were volunteering to support teams taking part in the Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge.

Linda Killiard was the leader of the Sky team that went in to work with the students. A member of Sky’s customer services department, Linda lives not far from the school. After a briefing at Sky with input from Global Action Plan,, Linda visited the school to meet teacher Mrs Garrick and find out how they could help.

The class wanted to make models of all sorts of different renewable energy generating systems – from wind power to solar panels on the roofs of houses. With help from the Sky volunteers over two sessions, the team made a complete set of working models.

At the first session, we discussed what it was they (the pupils) wanted do and   what materials we would need,” says Linda. “They knew exactly what they wanted  to make and drew each model.” 

The Sky volunteers had a huge impact on the pupils and gave them a much needed boost. “The inspirational effect of the volunteers' spirit on the class encouraged us to complete the Challenge.

They generously lent their skills and experience to helping my students design and create fantastic models to demonstrate the different ways renewable energy can be generated.

The Cairneyhill team members blogged about the Sky volunteers on their Team HQ. Katrina posted this: “Many thanks to these volunteers who gave generously of their time. We really appreciated their dedication and are now very enthusiastic about finishing our Challenge.

The experience was rewarding for the Sky team, all of whom are keen to now help in other schools.

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